 Dubai is one of the safest countries in the whole world free from any political struggles this makes your money and investment is safe in Dubai.

 Once you buy a property in Dubai, you qualify for a 3-year visa together with your family, renewable every after 3 years for as long as you own the property.


 There are no rental income taxes in Dubai. All rental income from your property goes straight to your pocket.

 Dubai is a centre of attraction open to millions and millions of tourists across the globe who come looking for a fancy place to stay meaning ready market for tenants is available both in short term and long term.

 Dubai gives freehold ownership of the properties meaning once you buy a property you have 100% ownership even your sons or daughters can come and claim for the property in case you die.

 Dubai allows a cost-free money transfer back to your country in case you resell your property and wish to take your money back home. No charges or taxes apply.

Come home to style, space and aesthetic finesse in your three or four-bedroom luxury townhouse. Unbridled comfort and intuitive design are elegantly complemented by sophisticated architectural touches in living spaces that evoke a true sense of belonging.

With gorgeous greenery and welcoming open spaces right outside your door, Raya gracefully marries the luxurious indoor charm of your home with the stunning natural beauty outside.

Introducing to you the last phase in Villanova by Dubai properties - Townhouses

La Violeta 2. Featuring 3 & 4 Bedroom Townhouses. Starting price is 1.7m -Flexible payment plan - 2% waiver on DLD, Handover Jan 2026. Down payment only 10%.

Admirable Studio in Dubai international City

Apartment will come fully furnished 

Area size 401sqft

Flexible payment plan

60% during construction and 40% after handover.

*Price is $122,615.
*Down payment. $12,261.
*Monthly payment. $1226.
*Area size 

Booking is only $5500

Introducing to you SAMANA Santorini units with private pool


 Size 450-470sqft.
 1 allocated parking.
 Private swimming pool of 120-180sqft.
 Private terrace.
 Price: AED 780,000/ $ 212,534.
 Down Payment 20% AED 7,800/ $ 42506.
 Booking a unit only 20,000 / $ 5449

Size 390sqft.
1allocated parking.
Private terrace.
Price AED 460,000/ $125,340.
Down payment 20%.
Booking a unit only 20,000/$5449.

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